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YAY !! its Thursday again - a night to turn up day, that's what i call it ''turn up'' day, I am talking about Friday in case you are still wondering.

I have been MIA, its really been a close-fitting period, my work-load has since tripled, this is that time of the year  -- arranging/getting reports for half year (Jan-June) -- updating mid-year data etc. That's one hella tight period of the year.

Anyways, work has been good and a lot to learn.

Last weekend I had the most hilarious day on Sunday. My neighbor had someone visiting from their village. I wont be surprised if he ends up marrying the girl that visited. He introduced us, I will just call her Amaka (not her real name) and all the Amaka's should not take it personal.

Sunday morning I set out for gym - My neighbor and Amaka were in my house before I left. Shortly, my neighbor left for the market, leaving only Amaka in my house, watching movie.

Few hours later I am back home, no light. Found Amaka sleeping on my couch, I jejely went straight to my room. Few minutes later I heard her yelping my name, I walked into the sitting room, she knelt down begging me to please forgive her, bewildered (you need to see my face) whats the problem I asked her, without any balk she kept impetrating for forgiveness, that I should please don't tell her Uncle (your husband you mean) insisting she answers me, she said '' Brother abeg when NEPA been take light the TV no gree off, it was making one kind noise (beeping sound) it suddenly made a loud noise and the thing off'' she continued ''Brother abeg its like your TV don burn'' at this point I literally laughed my a** out.

She doesn't know what a U.P.S is? Yes she doesn't. I told her I wont tell her supposed Uncle -- happy, she dashed out. The scenario can't stop playing in my head.

But most importantly, I learned something -- whatever you don't know is seemingly older than you. Don't let Ignorance put you on the wrong direction. BUT STILL BE YOU.

I latter called her, explained everything to her, she even mocked herself over the scenario. I am happy I taught her what a U.P.S means.

Nuff said. Time to blog. Have a good night.

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