Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Are Talking About ''Building a Future Together''

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have been flying under the radar as a couple lately after making headlines for their official red carpet debut together at the L'Oreal Red Obsession Party in Paris in March.  

Shortly after that, the supermodel shared a photo on Instagram with her beau while vacationing, and last month, they both attended the Met Gala and were photographed at an after-party.  So what's been going on for the love birds after ringing in their 1-year anniversary in April?
A source tells E! News they are doing absolutely "perfect."  "Irina has been working non stop and is pretty exhausted but still has been making time to see Bradley," the insider explains. "Bradley is very supportive. Irina is doing so well in her career at the moment. She has been getting gigs left and right—the demand for her with new campaigns is insane. She has to turn down jobs at this point.

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