Breaking; Linda Ikeji to start her own Reality Tv show

Linda Ikeji needs no introduction. Linda Ikeji who got engaged recently is gearing up to start her own reality Tv show and also a Tv talk show. Linda who is taking a cue from the Kardashians has hinted that ''something big is about to happen''. Her only brother has also severally mentioned about the reality show they are about to start.

Recently Linda' family members living in the United States all came back to discuss on and how to run the reality show, sources have it that all it set to start running the show...
The show will focus mainly on Linda, her lifestyle, Tv talk show and her sister Laura, then other family members. ''Its going to be a very big show' sources say.

Though its sketchy when this show will commence, but its definitely this year. Several Nigerian acts have tried running a similar show but it has been unsuccessful. Linda is putting in all the nitty-gritty to make sure its a successful show.

Meanwhile, you read it here first.

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