Bronx Teen Stabbed To Death After He Tells Robbers He’s Broke

A Bronx family is currently mourning the loss of Carl Ducasse, 17, an aspiring attorney who was expected to graduate high school this month.  According to the New York Daily News, cops say Ducasse was about a block away from his home when a man approached him demanding cash.

After telling the robber he had no cash the two began to scuffle.  That’s when another man approached the two and stabbed Ducasse multiple times in the chest.  The teens mother Angela Ducasse said, “He was never a kid of the streets. He was a regular teenager. He was never arrested.

He said he wanted to be a lawyer.”  She continued, “We already bought his graduation clothes.”  Ducasse, the youngest of three kids, was transported to Barnabas Hospital, but unfortunately he could not be saved.  On the eve of Father’s Day, his father talked about his son’s lost future, “He wanted to go to college, he wanted to be prepared for life.” Our condolences go out to the family.

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