Microsoft forced to pay woman $10,000 after automatically downloading Windows 10 on her PC

Tech giant Microsoft has made a $10,000 payout to a woman, after Windows 10 tried to automatically install on her Window 7 computer.  Teri Goldstein, claims that Windows 10 attempted and failed to install itself on her work computer without her permission, according to The Seattle Times . 

The owner of a travel agency in Sausalito, California, Goldstein claimed that the failed update left her computer unresponsive for days at a time.  After trying to fix the problem with Microsoft's support team, she eventually sued the company for loss of earnings and the price of a new computer

After Microsoft dropped an appeal, reportedly to avoid further legal costs, Goldstein was eventually awarded $10,000 (£7,514).  It is thought the outcome of the case could prompt other disgruntled Microsoft users to seek damages from the company.

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