No Colleague of OJB Jezreel Has come to visit us - Wife

Does it mean that OJB Jezreel doesn’t have a lot of true friends? The family of the late singer has revealed that they are yet to see some of those he supported in their careers and his colleagues since the death was made public. 

The only place some of them have seen support is on the social media where some of the ‘supposed friends’ are wailing and eulogizing him.

According to a source who had gone to sympathize with the family, they were bluntly told the bitter truth ‘Shei you dey watch television na, have you heard in the news that any of them came here?‘

The family of OJB Jezreel refused to be beggars again when he relapse after his wife had donated one of her kidneys in 2013. They had tried to sell one of their properties to raise cash but he never lived to get the treatment mostly needed. Family members and neighbors are not happy that OJB Jezreel’s colleagues of abandoning him this time.

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