‘Pregnancy has brought out a new side of Gbenro’ – Nollywood actress, Osas Ajibade

Most times, the news of a newborn elicits boundless joy for expectant parents. It is apparently the same for Nollywood couple, Osas and Gbenro Ajibade.  Osas who is expecting the birth of her first bundle of joy, has revealed her beau is relishing the idea of becoming a father.

Speaking in a tell-all interview with Genevieve magazine, the screen diva revealed that the pregnancy wasn’t planned as the newlyweds wanted to enjoy each other’s company for a while before deciding to raise kids.

‘This pregnancy wasn’t planned at all. As newlyweds we just wanted to enjoy our marriage before thinking about having kids but life happens,’ she said to the publication.  ‘Interestingly, Gbenro figured it out before I did. I wasn’t feeling well and he told me he was going to get me some orange juice.

On returning he handed me a pregnancy test kit. I took the test and came downstairs to tell him the result. We stared at each other for what felt like forever and I said the words ‘We are pregnant’. We embraced for a long time and seeing my husband who is a true alpha African man in that state of emotion was such a beautiful moment.’

The news was however still a welcome development for the couple, more so, as it has brought out new and exciting attributes in Gbenro.  ‘This pregnancy has brought out a new side of Gbenro who is usually very calm. Seeing him so excited when he rubs and listens to my belly is the most beautiful thing in the world,’ Osas said.  ‘I now call him Papa G and he always smiles when I call him that. Infact, I want 10 kids but Gbenro says I am on my own.

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