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Thursdays are like semi-finals, final is Friday, so the excitement of getting closer to the weekend is something to look forward to. Today is the 23rd day of June, 7 days to salary payment, that's why most of us work right?

Well, my day started off good, wake up, get ready for work - I don't usually eat before going to work - so i set off. I don't have a car yet so I have a cab-man that picks and drops me off everyday.

This morning on my way to work we saw a hubbub crowd, I asked the driver to find out what is going on so we know where we go run go, the driver asked, an angry looking guy replied; ''oga na one small school boy way say na N50 him go pay instead of N100, after him don reach where him de go, so him de argue with driver'' My driver mumbled ''hian!! for this Buhari time''  -- When I was much younger (I am still young) during my primary/secondary school days, I remember drivers giving us discounts because we're students, but I really doubt if such could happen now. My brother the economy is hard now for drivers to give you any discount. The quandary was settled by a good Samaritan. 

I got to work right on time, I am always punctual (I am not prouding) - My job as a Human Resource Assistant gives me ample time to blog - after my morning routine I sit down on my desk to blog before I look for what to eat. 2;30pm my phone rang, my boss from head office, his calls are those calls when you see it coming in, you have a mini heart attack. -- most people could give an eyeteeth to come live in Calabar, but I will make an exception, I don't like the city or maybe I am yet to accept the city-- I have been ''pressing button'' to be transferred to Port Harcourt. After few minuets on the phone with my boss, he dashed my hopes (for now) of going to PHC, ''someone else has been sent to PH'' he said

Sad, face on desk, I waited for 5pm so I could head home, at 4;45pm I was ready to leave, my driver saw it on my face, he tried to cheer me up not even knowing what the problem was, but I just allowed myself to feel bad. I got home by 5;30pm. Still sad, I decided to do one thing that makes me happy -blogging- I checked my email; google made me happy, I opened an email from google about my Adsense application. With that I'd say my day ended well. I blogged, read news, replied emails, ate, showered, then movies before I head to bed.

Another episode tomorrow;

How was your day?

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