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Thank God its Friday, I don't know how that phrase came up, but I thank Him everyday. I think its a phrase meant for people that probably don't go to work on Saturdays, then I am not allowed to use that phrase.

Today's morning was quite cold, light showers, I woke up late, the warmth of my duvet played a mind trick, that moment you wake up and decide to sleep five more minutes, then wake up next 30min, that was my ordeal this morning. I woke up, opened my laptop to blog, I had so many tags on trending news, but I couldn't blog any because I was already late for work.

Set to go, my phone rang, it was my driver, I picked up ''Oga good morning o, I am really sorry, I can't come today, my sister say make I carry am go Uyo this morning'' he said, I was confused for 10secs, but why didn't you inform me since? call ended.

Cab-men can do shakara for africa in this town. I have to ply public transport as its unnecessarily expensive picking drops randomly.

I hop in the first taxi I saw. For safety measures, if you are in a public transport, don't side Buhari in any argument. Passengers argued and argued till I got to my bus stop, I say which kian wahala I enter today? 

Work was relatively dull, everything went smoothly without any wahala. But I learned a new lesson at work, at a brief meeting with my boss; he said 'if everybody likes you, then it means you are not principled, it means you are doing it wrong, it means you cant be a leader'. I was happy hearing that. You don't need to be friends with everybody, no matter how hard you try, some will still not like you, in essentia, lead a life not to impress anyone.

It was a news filled day, I got home 5;30pm, I have been blogging and replying some emails, soon to shut down to bed.

How was your day?

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