This Justin Bieber Remix of Drake's 'One Dance' Should Be Canada's New National Anthem

Canadians usually have to choose between Drake and Bieber, but a handy Bieber remix of Drake's "One Dance" has brought them together. That's right-two of Canada's finest exports, sonically side by side, for a song that's just one Justin Trudeau guest-verse away from being Canada's new national anthem...
The remix, which Drake revealed while on his OVO radio show, features about 90 seconds of extra Bieber verses at the top. Bieber sounds great on the song, adding those trademark pleading breathy Bieber vocals all over the track—and it works. "I don't know your name, but I'm sure that you know me," he sings. Okay. Bold. We're listening. The best part is we still get to hear Wizkid on the remix.

Its no longer news that the video will soon be out but this will be the first ''VIEWS'' music video.

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