UEFA threatens to kick out England & Russia from EURO 2016 if fans' violence continues

England and Russia have been warned they face Euro 2016 disqualification if their fans continue with violent acts after Russian fans fought with English fans after Saturday's 1-1 draw.

UEFA has charged Russia and England with 'crowd disturbances, racist behaviour and setting off fireworks' while star player Wayne Rooney and England coach Roy Hodgson have pleaded with English fans to stay calm during the Euro tournament in France...

'Such unacceptable behaviour by so-called supporters of the national teams of England and Russia has no place in football, a sport we must protect and defend,' UEFA staunchly said on their website. 
'The UEFA executive committee has warned both football associations that — irrespective of any decisions taken by the independent disciplinary bodies relating to incidents inside the stadium — it will not hesitate to impose additional sanctions on the FA and the Russian Football Union, including potential disqualification of their respective teams from the tournament, should such violence occur againWayne Rooney then pleaded with England fans in a video uploaded on the country's Instagram page
‘I'd like to thank the England fans for the great support inside the stadium against Russia and now we have a big game coming up against Wales,’ said Rooney. I’d like to ask the fans, please, if you don't have a ticket don't travel. And for the fans with tickets, be safe, be sensible, and continue with your great support for the players. Thank you.
Meanwhile, Roy Hodgson, coach of England admitted he is concerned about the prospect of being kicked out of the tournament due to matters that are not football related.
‘As England manager I'm obviously very concerned about the threat which is now hanging over us and the sanctions that could possibly be imposed on the England team,’ said Hodgson.  
We worked very hard to get here and we really desperately want to stay in the competition, I'm appealing therefore to all of our fans - and we appreciate your support at the matches of course. But I'm appealing to you to stay out of trouble and to try to make certain that these threats that are being issued are never carried out and we will be able to attempt to do the best we can to stay in this competition by football means.’
England will play Wales on Thursday.

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