Video; Yet again, Justin Bieber falls off stage during concert

The act of ‘falling’ might just be one of Justin Bieber‘s favorite hobbies, considering the amount of times the singer has lost his footing in times past.  Justin, during a concert in support of his fourth studio album Purpose in Saskatoon, Canada, lost focus as he was adjusting his pants and there was a loud thud as he crashed into the end of the stage. Ouch!

Taking the fall like a champ (he isn’t new to falls), the 22-year-old picked himself up and said to the crowd: ‘Good thing I’m like a cat and landed on my feet, that scared the f–k outta me'

Back in April, Bieber fell off the stage into a pool of water while performing in Kansas City at an earlier stop of the same Purpose tour.  In 2014, he fell while skateboarding and also sustained injuries after falling off a flight of stairs in 2013.’

I believe he has some thing with gravity.

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